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  • Local Autonomy - 07.11.2016

    Regionalisation, cooperation, metropolitanisation: OLA’s conference newsletter is out
    Interested in regionalisation, metropolitanisation or intermunicipal cooperation? Discover the main findings of the conference organised by OLA, the Observatory for Local Autonomy, on these issues.

    The conference, coorganised by CEMR, took place from 30 June to 2 July 2016. The findings of the conference are available in the newsletter in English and in French.
  • CEMR presidency - 05.11.2016

    President De la Serna joins Spanish government
    The mayor of Santander and CEMR president, Iñigo De la Serna, has joined the Spanish government as Minister for Public Works and Transport. He was nominated on 4 November 2016.

    Who will be the next CEMR President? She or he will be elected in Maastricht on 12 December 2016 by the CEMR Policy Committee, which is made up of over 170 local and regional elected representatives, nominated by national member associations and national sections of CEMR.

    We wish Mr De la Serna great success in his new mission as Minister for Public Works and Transport; a field in which local and regional governments’ implication is of the utmost importance.
  • World Mayor 2016 - 27.10.2016

    15 refugee-friendly mayors shortlisted for World Mayor Prize
    The names of the 15 nominees shortlisted for the 2016 World Mayor Prize have now been made public. These are 15 mayors who, with their communities, “have made exceptional efforts to welcome refugees and integrate migrants.”

    Want to have your say on who will be the next World Mayor Prize winner? You can express your support to the mayor of your choice until the middle of December 2016, and the winner will be announced by the end of January 2017.
  • Habitat III - 26.10.2016

    CEMR secretary general reacts to the adoption of the New Urban Agenda
    The New Urban Agenda was adopted during Habitat III in Quito.

    CEMR secretary general Frédéric Vallier made a statement on this topic: "the journey towards the adoption of the global New Urban Agenda ended with the adoption of a text that respects the main positions held by local governments and their associations*. For this reason, CEMR is proud to have represented European towns and regions in these negociations."

    Concerning the implementation of the global agenda, Frédéric Vallier pointed out the need to continue in the same direction:

    "The implementation of the proposals included in the text will have to be done in partnership with all spheres of governance, from the local to the global level. CEMR will be paying attention that towns and regions' needs are taken into account. PLATFORMA, for its part, will be an essential tool to offer cooperation programmes aiming to guarantee the success of this agenda everywhere in the world."
  • European Green Capital - 11.10.2016

    Good Practices in sustainable urban planning: new report
    With climate change’s consequences becoming increasingly present in the media and current events; towns and cities are becoming more aware of the need for sustainable urban policies.

    It’s one thing to see the policy on paper, but what does it look like on the ground? European Green Capital and European Green Leaf have published their Good Practices report, with a great number of examples from European cities implementing sustainable urban planning.

    From energy coaching to tap water promotion, find inspiration from great sustainable urban planning projects all around Europe here.
  • CITYnvest - 05.10.2016

    From energy efficiency to urban development funds: CITYnvest’s newsletter is out
    Did you know that renovations in public buildings were a great way to improve energy efficiency? CITYnvest knows how that can be financed. Read all about it and more in CITYnvest’s newsletter.
  • RFSC - 30.09.2016

    Urban Agenda, SDGs, city design: RFSC’s newsletter is out
    Interested in sustainable urban development? Read all about these issues and more in the first edition of RFSC’s (Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities) newsletter.
  • Refugees and Migration - 20.09.2016

    Funding, housing and multilevel governance: new priorities for refugees in towns and regions
    Access to funding for towns and regions, access to housing for refugees and migrants, and true multilevel governance. Those are the three priorities that CEMR’s Task Force on Migrants and Refugees identified during their meeting last week. These priorities will be presented to the Commission: they need to be reflected in EU’s agenda.

    Among other priorities for local and regional governments, the Task Force also discussed the common European asylum policy, the integration of third country nationals, and the Urban Agenda.

    At the meeting, representatives from the European Commission, the OECD and the city of Amsterdam were namely present.
  • e-Democracy - 08.09.2016

    Call for papers: Democratic and electronic changes in local public action
    Do you have something to say about democratic and electronic changes in local government? Now is your time to shine:

    CEMR and the OLA network (Observatory on Local Autonomy) are calling for papers on the joint conference they are organising in Lille and Brussels in September 2017: "Democratic and Electronic Changes in Local Public Action in Europe: REvolution or E-volution?"

    If you think you are up to the challenge, send your paper to Ms Line Salmon-Legagneur ( by 19 September 2016. You can find the full version of the call with more details here. For further information, please contact CEMR Research and Studies Officer, Nathalie Noupadja:



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