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Governance and citizenship

Elections - 17.11.2003

Elections in Catalonia : big parties shocked, Pujol retires
The 16 November regional elections in Catalonia have resulted in a setback for the two biggest parties : the conservative nationalists (Convergencia i Unio) lost 10 seats and the Socialists lost 8.
No party has the overall majority; as a result, the pro-independence party, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), could act as kingmaker. Having won 11 seats, it could become the obligatory partner in any future coalition.
The elections also signalled the departure of Convergencia i Unio's historical leader : after 23 years in power in Catalonia, Jordi Pujol announced he felt it was time for him to leave the stage and retire.
Results :
Convergencia i Unio : 46 seats (-10)
Socialists : 42 seats (-8)
ERC : 23 seats (+11)
Popular Party: 15 seats (+3)
Verts : 9 seats (+4)
- Catalonya's regional assembly is made of 135 seats
- Turnout : 63.4%
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