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  • French municipal elections - 31.03.2014

    Anne Hidalgo becomes the first woman mayor of Paris
    Anne Hidalgo was elected mayor of the French capital this Sunday 30 March 2014 after the second round of municipal elections. She will hold this position for the 2014-2020 period.  

    Anne Hidalgo is also co-president of our global organisation, UCLG, and president of UCLG Standing committee on gender equality.  

    In the framework of the municipal elections, a new edition of the guidebook Understand the municipal life (in French) was published. This volume is prefaced by an introduction written by our President, Annemarie Jorritsma, and our secretary general, Frédéric Vallier. It presents and analyses the local government functioning in France.
  • European elections 2014 - 27.03.2014

    The manifesto is available in Polish!
    You will now be able to read the local and regional governments manifesto in 4 different languages: Polish, English, Spanish and French.

    Have a look at our video and discover our elected representatives' proposals for an EU that really meets the citizen’s needs. Keep sharing your ideas with us on Twitter with the hashtag #myEUvoice.  
  • European elections 2014 - 25.03.2014

    The manifesto is now available in the language of Cervantes
    The manifesto now counts three linguistic versions: SpanishEnglish and French. The German, Polish, Italian, Czech and Romanian versions will be available soon. 

    Have a look at our video and discover our elected representatives' proposals for an EU that really meets the citizen’s needs. You can also share your ideas with us on Twitter with the hashtag #myEUvoice.  
  • European elections 2014 - 19.03.2014

    Join us on twitter and take part to the debate #myEUvoice
    Everyone has a voice. We have found ours. Have you? 9 weeks ahead of the European Parliament elections, (re-)discover our 9 proposals for a Europe closer to its citizens, cities, municipalities and regions.

    Share with us your ideas and proposals to the future Members of the European Parliament on twitter with the hashtag #myEuvoice

    Our manifesto is yet available in English, in French, in Czech, in German, in Italian, in Polish, in Portuguese, in Romanian and in Spanish.
  • City rankings - 17.03.2014

    European cities on top of the quality of living worldwide city rankings
    Due to the very high standard of the healthcare system and infrastructure, political stability and leisure offers, among other indicators, Vienna is the city enjoying the best quality of life standards in the world. The capital of Austria is followed, in the top ten of the rating, by cities like Zürich, Munich or Dusseldorf. 

    The Quality of living city ranking is an annual report issued by the consulting agency Mercer and covers 223 cities around the world. Based on a wide range of indicators - housing, public services delivery, schools, political stability or air pollution - this report is meant to help municipalities to assess and improve their policies to offer the best quality of life to their citizens.  

    You can read the full report in Mercer's website
  • Sport and citizenship - 24.02.2014

    Form your own European team within your local government!
    The association Europe in Sport invites cities and local governments to form their own European sports team in order to defend the colours of the European jersey. This association aims to promote European citizenship and identity through the organisation of sport competitions.
    Interested cities and local government are invited to register using the online participation form (in French). Local government will be provided with all equipment and assistance from Europe en sport in order to constitute their European team.
  • Governance - 18.02.2014

    New edition of the distinction "Best Practice in Citizen Participation"
    The International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (IOPD) invites local government to participate to its 8th Distinction of “Best Practice in Citizen Participation”. This distinction recognises projects aiming, for instance, at reaching better results in the domain of gender equality or at promoting transparency in the decision-making process. The attribution of this award is based on many criteria such as innovation or the capacity of the experience to be replicated in other local governments and entities.
    Candidates are free to apply until 7 March
    More information and the necessary application form are available on the IODP website.
  • Council of Europe - 20.12.2013

    Congress President’s congratulation to newly elected President of the CEMR
    "I warmly congratulate you on your unanimous election as President of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions", said president of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (Council of Europe), Herwig van Staa, in a letter addressed to Annemarie Jorritsma on 19 December. He underlined the common priorities and goals shared by both organisations and stressed the Congress will pursue a close co-operation with CEMR. "We are both working to defend and advance local and regional democracy in Europe and to strengthen partnerships and political dialogue between national, regional and local authorities and their national associations. I have no doubt our organisations will continue this work under your mandate with a close and fruitful collaboration", he added. Mrs Jorritsma was elected President of the CEMR on December 2013 for a three-year term of office. 
  • Mayors challenge - 03.12.2013

    The city of Charleroi calls its citizens for participation in the “Mayors Challenge”
    The city of Charleroi (Belgium) launches a call for participation to its inhabitants through its website. People with innovative ideas will be allowed to summit their proposals before 31 December 2013 via an online form.

    In January 2014, a jury will select the idea that will officially represent the city within the "Mayors Challenges"*.

    The full list of participants.

    *The competition is an initiative of Bloomberg Philanthropies. It aims to promote innovative ideas and to highlight and fund promising projects proposed by European cities. The first place winner will receive 5 million euros and the four finalists will receive one million each. European cities and municipalities with at least 100 000 inhabitants are eligible to participate.

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