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Diversity and integration

Quality of life to expatriates - 12.03.2009

Which cities offer the best quality of life to expatriates?
The yearly ranking of the cities offering the best life quality to European expatriates has been published on 11 March by ECA International.
According to this ranking, Copenhagen remains the city offering the best quality of the Europeans, followed by Antwerp, Brussels, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Luxemburg.
In Eastern Europe a number of locations including Ljubljana (34th), Zagreb (48th), and Tallinn (53rd), have improved significantly as economic growth and structural reform have contributed to improved facilities and security
However, bad air quality penalizes the biggest capital cities such as Roma(36th), London (27th), and Paris(20th).
Basic information
The methodology used for this study takes into account factors such as the weather, air quality, healthcare access, housing, public services, distance, social life, leisure, infrastructure, security and political stability.
Source : ECA International
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