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Climate and energy transition

Wind turbines - 23.04.2010

'You give us wind, we give you water"
Eole Water, a company based in Saint Tulle in the Alpes-de-Haute- Provence, France, has created a new type of wind turbine able to produce fresh water in large quantities, thanks to a system of condensation.

This multipurpose machine produces water at the same time as electricity and notably allows for isolated dwellings to receive the fresh water they require.

The system is based on the fact that there is humidity present in the air, which can be transformed into fresh water without the production of CO2 or the use of energy. Indeed, air contains water in its gaseous state in more or less large quantities, depending on the air temperature and the rate of humidity.
The turbine, which can produce up to 800 litres a day, could also be a unique opportunity on an international scale, at a time when fresh water is becoming ever rarer and thus a major strategic advantage. In fact, the company is searching for financial partners so as to further industrialise the machine, which currently costs up to €100 000.

The turbine's commercialisation on a large scale still remains uncertain though, notably because this particular type of turbine could potentially change the nature of clouds, which could have an impact on climate.
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