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Europe - 17.06.2004

Brussels European Summit : A call from Austrian cities and towns
The Austrian Association of Cities and Towns has called for an agreement on the European Constitution during the European summit (17/18 June, in Brussels).
"The Association makes it quite clear: The Austrian negotiators have to stand up for the prospective rights of regional and local authorities. These have been incorporated in the draft constitution, they must not be watered down or - even worse - be sacrificed within the negotiations", said Erich Pramböck, secretary general of the Austrian Association at a press conference in Vienna.
'The draft European Constitution is a milestone for the local and regional governments", Erich Pramböck stressed. Of particular importance is the reference to the specific character of the services of general economic interest, the incorporation of the principle of subsidiarity, the commitment to extended consultation with European and national regional and local associations, and the obligation to assess the financial implication of any new EU regulation on the sub-European administrations.
For the original (German) version of the press release, please click here.
For the draft European Constitution, please click here.
For the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns, please click here.
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