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Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in Europe and, at the same time, they represent the greatest potential to save energy. Furthermore, energy efficiency can contribute to reduce energy poverty, to boost local economy or to combat climate change.

Municipalities and regions can play a key role to stimulate energy efficiency, for instance, by investing in public buildings renovation and therefore improving their energy performance. However, they do not always have the necessary means to foster such large-scale investments: they do not always easily obtain loans from commercial banks or they are not familiar with alternative financial instruments. 

In February 2015, CEMR and other partners launched the CITYnvest project to support municipalities and regions in mobilising financial resources to invest in energy efficiency in buildings. 


CITYnvest supports local and regional stakeholders in identifying suitable financing solutions for energy efficiency renovation in public buildings, for instance, by offering information on how to prepare bankable projects.

Within 3 years, the project will train over 650 local governments and provide them with practical step-by-step guidance on innovative financing models like Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), Thirds Party Financing (TPF), revolving funds or cooperative models. 
Our objectives:
  • To improve local government capacities and skills by facilitating peer learning and through training sessions and workshops;
  • To trigger energy savings through the renovation of buildings in 3 pilot projects; 
  • To shape regulations and policies through the investigation of potential barriers to the implementation of alternative financial models and formulatings recommendations towards the EU institutions and local government.

What is CEMR's role ?

CEMR is a part of the CITYnvest consortium and is primarily responsible for all communication and dissemination aspects of the project. 

The project is led by Climate Alliance and implemented by the following partner organisations: EnergInvest, REScoop.EU, InfoMurcia, Sofia Energy Centre and GRE Liège

CEMR coordinator: Maria Giovanna Zamburlini

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