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Sustainable territorial and local development

Local sustainability - 02.04.2007

One 'click" to move closer to local sustainability
The "EU Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign" has a new website. It features information and tools to help cities and towns to develop, implement and monitor policies in support of local sustainable development.
The portal includes information on all activities linked to the campaign, an "event calendar", some practical tools to achieve sustainability locally, as well as "the link of the month". The website is currently only available in English.
Background information
The "European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign" aims to support local governments across Europe in their efforts to mainstream sustainability best practice and to implement the Aalborg Charter and Aalborg Commitments.
To date, more than 2,500 European local governments from more than 40 European countries have signed the Aalborg Charter, the 1994 founding document of the Campaign; in addition, about 400 local governments have signed up to the Aalborg commitments.
The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) is a partner of the campaign.
. Tools and initiatives of the campaign partners
. Overview of the Campaign work programme
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