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Climate and energy transition

Environment - 08.11.2007

How can local government do more for the environment? An EU Commission guide
The EU Commission has released a guide on integrated environmental management. The publication is aimed at Europe's local government and is based upon examples.of best practice developed by towns and cities themselves.
As the Commission states it in the introduction: The guidance is not intended to be a rigid set of rules to be followed in all circumstances. There is so much diversity between cities across the EU that no one solution is applicable nor appropriate for all situations. The guidance should be seen more as a description of the process and a reminder of the key elements that could be considered when developing integrated environmental management programs at local levels.
The guide follows on from the publication by the EU Commission of the Thematic Strategy on the urban environment (2006). The Strategy described the problems facing many urban areas of the European Union and recognised the widely divergent circumstances of European cities. It did not propose uniform binding measures but instead pointed to other ways in which cities' problems could be tackled.
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