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Capital of slowness - 08.10.2010

Segonzac, first French municipality to "go slow"
The municipality of Segonzac is the first in France to become capital of 'slowness", having adhered to the Cittaslow movement.

Cittaslow is an international movement of 'slow cities", its symbol being a snail. The movement was first launched in Italy in 1999 and, based on a charter of 70 obligations, pushes cities and municipalities to develop actions revolving around improving quality of life, encouraging local businesses and economies, and respecting the surrounding landscape.

Segonzac is currently undertaking a number of 'slow city"-worthy actions, such as opening up a public park, bringing back local businesses, rehabilitating pedestrian and bicycle friendly streets, and creating community gardens.

The municipality of Segonzac, which has a population of 2 300, is now working with Cittaslow to enroll other French municipalities so as to create a French network of 'slow cities".

140 cities from 21 countries across the world have so far adhered to the charter.
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