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Information society - 07.06.2005

EISCO conference: Europe's local (e)government adopt declaration on "i2010" initiative
Local government representatives from across Europe have adopted the Krakow Declaration on Local Agenda i2010 and the promotion of digital solidarity among the cities of the world.
The declaration was adopted at the 5th European Information Society Conference (EISCO) that took place in Krakow between 2 and 4 June 2005. It sets goals to contribute to the EU strategy for the sector over the next five years. Signatories expressed their support to the EU Commission's "i2010" initiative to boost information society in Europe.
The conference agreed the following objectives for local government, to feed into the European Commission's i2010 strategy:
  • to provide full access to online public services by 2010;
  • to communicate the value of online services and provide training for marginalised groups;
  • to protect personal data held in public databases;
  • to encourage local residents to participate in the decision making process;
  • to integrate online services with those provided by other public authorities;
  • to stimulate innovation and the participation of local businesses;
  • to utilise public private partnerships (PPPs) where appropriate;
  • to consider the use of open source software;
  • to train public sector staff in the use of new technologies;
  • to contribute towards the UN's digital solidarity campaign with developing countries.
Other themes on the agenda included: how can local governments use new technologies to increase citizens' participation to the local decision process, or how can they challenge the "digital divide"?
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