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Climate and energy transition

Transport - 05.06.2003

Margot Wallström plays CEMR game of 'How to solve transport problems in Carville?"”¦ and scores 60%
(Above : CEMR secretary general Jeremy Smith and EU Commissioner Margot Wallström)
Environment EC Commissioner Margot Wallström visited, on Thursday 5 June 2003, the « Green week » exhibition to play the PC/Mac game CEMR has produced on urban transport management and environment.
CEMR Secretary general Jeremy Smith welcomed Margot Wallström and explained to her the aim of the game : 'You are the mayor of a small town plagued with constant traffic jams that damage both mobility and the environment; what decisions will you take to tackle this problem?"
Each decision taken has advantages and disadvantages; some are good for the environment and finance but unpopular amongst drivers or shop-keepers, and vice versa. Commissioner Wallström score 60% with the computer informing her that with such a score she could be almost certain to be reelected Mayor of Carville !
This Thursday 5 June, Margot Wallström will award prizes to the winners of CEMR 'European public transport awards" ceremony at the Residence Palace from 20:00.
On Friday 6 June, the winners will be share their experiences with other towns, cities and regions during a seminar also held at the Residence Palace. A press conference will be held at 13:00
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