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Intergenerational dialogue

Active ageing - 23.06.2014

How to adapt your territory to demographic change? Find answers by joining the EU thematic network AFE-INNOVNET!
Europe's population is ageing. According to Eurostat, the number of people over 65 will represent 29,5% of the total population by 2060. This figure might even reach 12% of the European population among citizens over 80.
Indeed, such phenomenon will represent a challenge for local and regional governments in the coming years, since they will have to adapt their territories to the specific needs of an ageing population, in domains like housing, transport or new technologies, to name a few.
However, such effort should be seen as an opportunity for innovation, economic recovery and job creation at the local level. This is the case in the city of Stockholm, where a concept of “iPad cafés” proposes trainings on new technologies to seniors, to keep them updated on the latest communication, new technologies,internet novelties and, something that is often forgotten, allow them to socialise more.
In order to support  local government to face such challenges, CEMR joined the Thematic Network on innovation for age-friendly environments (AFE-INNOVNET). This network is at the forefront of finding and sharing solutions to support active and healthy ageing by ensuring a good quality of life for elderly - in terms of transport, housing, employment, health services, among others.
5 good reasons to join AFE-INNOVNET
AFE-INNOVNET Consortium is composed of 29 municipalities and regions, civil society associations and research centres. By joining the network you will have the opportunity to:
  • benefit from the guidance tools provided by the network, in order to implement age-friendly environments;
  • learn from the experience of other local governments and share your good practices in domains such as ICT (information and communication technologies), projects or policies;
  • be informed about funding opportunities and find the best suited partners for your future initiatives and projects;
  • access and contribute to the future methodologies and indicators to assess the socio-economic impact of your initiatives;
  • participate and contribute to AFE INNOVNET events, such as webinars...


Would you like to know more? Take part in the next webinar!
Join us for the next webinar organised by AFE-INNOVNET, on Wednesday 25 June at 11:00 (CET).
Experts from European local government will display the various ways to positively use the effects of the crisis to develop age-friendly environments. A question & answer session will take place after these contributions

For further information, you can have a look at AFE-INNOVNET thematic network website or contact our Project Officer on Age friendly environment Nhu Tram. You can also follow discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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