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Energy efficiency

2040 Target - 07.02.2024

CEMR’s reaction to the European Commission’s 2040 target
The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) welcomes the European Commission's recommendation* for a 90% net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2040—a decisive move providing predictability for Europe’s municipalities and regions in achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Local and Regional Governments (LRGs) are key enablers of Europe’s climate policies and call for an inclusive exchange with European decision-makers on the 2040 target’s implementation.

At this crucial moment, CEMR underscores the importance of ambitious goals and advocates for EU legislation that can effectively respond to the diversity of Europe's regional and local contexts, steering clear of a “one size fits all” approach. At the same time, recent polarisations around environmental policies clearly highlight the necessity for integrated involvement from all stakeholders. The sustainable transition must be a shared responsibility, and to prevent it from being politicised, all parties involved should contribute to shaping new regulations post-election.

In this context, Local and Regional Governments (LRGs), holding a significant mandate, are responsible for implementing nearly 70% of climate and energy policies*. To ensure a successful transition, it is imperative that the EU listens to those who understand their territory's economy best, ensuring a fair approach that fosters the cohesion of our regions.

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