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Citizenship - 11.04.2005

EU Commission proposes new programme 'Citizens for Europe" for the period 2007-2013
The European Commission has adopted its proposal for a programme for a new programme "Citizens for Europe", on 6 of April 2005 for the period 2007-2013.
Following the on line-public consultation, its programm will take over the current programme coming to an end in 2006. As a part of actions' generation 2007-2013, it aims to bridge the gap between the citizens and the European Union.
The programme is divided in three 'actions". The first action, 'Active citizenship", will focus on involving citizens directly at the local level, either through activities linked to town twinning or through other kinds of citizens' projects. The second and the third actions concentrate on intercultural exchanges through cooperation between society organisations, events, studies and information tools, making Europe more tangible for citizens.
According to the EU Commissioner in charge of education, formation and culture, Ján Figel', 'the future programme on active citizenship, rooted in our common history and culture and promoting and celebrating our shared values, such as freedom, fairness, tolerance and solidarity will act as a cement towards a more citizen-friendly."
The European Commission has proposed a €207 million budget for the 'Citizens for Europe" programme.
The European Commission will submit its proposal to the European Parliament and the Council later this month to be examined and adopted according to the co-decision procedure.

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