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Diversity and integration

Demography - 28.02.2006

Region for All Ages issues a study on the impact of demographic ageing at local and regional level
Region for All Ages has issued the report of a comparative study of strategic approaches addressing demographic ageing at sub-national level.
Through various case studies from 5 EU countries (UK, Finland, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands), the study demonstrates how the impact of ageing can be felt across a wide range of policy domains at the local and regional level. Ageing does not only have an influence on policy issues but also on service delivery. Furthermore, the study explores how local and regional administrations across the EU respond to this issue, depending on both the range and the nature of their competences.
The study was carried out by the European Policies Research Centre at the University of Strathclyde following a commission from Regions for All Ages. Region for All Ages is an initiative of Age Concern, a UK organisation for the interests of older people. The initiative aims at developing appropriate public policy responses to demographic ageing in the English regions.
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