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Climate and energy transition

Climate change - 14.09.2010

Climate change requires new model of solidarity
European local and regional representatives called for a new model of solidarity between EU Member States, cities, provinces and regions, underlining the necessity of joining forces in order to successfully adapt water management to the impacts of climate change.

The call was made on 13 September 2010 in Munich at the occasion of the Local Governments' Day entitled 'Cities adapt: local water strategies in a changing climate", organised by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), Climate Alliance and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability.

Nature knows no boundaries and water is best managed when keeping the whole of the river basin in mind. The same applies to the impacts of climate change on water systems when these cannot be tackled by a local or regional authority alone. Sub-national governments must work together with their peers in other cities and regions, their national governments, and the European Union, as well as with the scientific and private sector. Indeed, this model of solidarity would allow for the sharing of data and knowledge, developing technical expertise and finding the necessary financial resources.

Collaboration with researchers is also indispensable. Local decision-makers must dispose of reliable data and well-founded projections for the future before giving the green light to launch new strategies suitable to cope with uncertainties. A solid knowledge base will also attract the business sector, which can be instrumental in accelerating the up-take of technical solutions.

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