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Manifesto for the European elections

European elections - 12.02.2014

Local and regional governments launch manifesto for European elections
CEMR and its national associations of local and regional authorities officially launched "The local and regional governments' manifesto", during a meeting at the European Parliament, on 10 February 2014.

This event provided an opportunity to present the 9 local and regional governments’ key messages for the upcoming elections in May 2014. Participants included Danuta Hübner, chair of EP Committee on Regional Development; Jo Leinen, MEP and president of the European Movement International; Anthea McIntyre, MEP; and Jan Olbrycht, MEP and president of the Urban Intergroup of the European Parliament. CEMR was represented by:
  • Annemarie Jorritsma, CEMR President, former Deputy Prime Minister in the Netherlands and Mayor of Almere ( Netherlands);
  • Oldřich Vlasák, vice-president of the European Parliament in charge of relations with local government and CEMR executive president;
  • Mariana Gâju, Vice-President of CEMR and Mayor of Cumpănă (Romania);
  • Mairi Evans, Chair of the Committee of young local and regional elected representatives, Councillor of Angus (Scotland, UK);
  • Peršak Anton, President of NALAS and Mayor of Trzin (Slovenia).

During her speech, Annemarie Jorritsma urged members of the European Parliament to "not over-regulate but rather better regulate." In the context of a Europe facing many threats and challenges, she encouraged collaboration among all elected officials - local, national and European - in order to align European policies with the real needs of the citizens. This message was also relayed at the meeting in a video presenting the manifesto.

The event was hosted by CEMR executive president,Oldřich Vlasák.

The manifesto

This manifesto was unanimously adopted on 3 December 2013 in Prague, by the elected representatives of the 57 CEMR member sections and associations. It presents 9 key messages to consolidate cooperation between the European institutions and local government for the next five years:
  • Continue prioritising youth employment; 
  • Monitor the implementation of the structural funds thoroughly to achieve better territorial cohesion; 
  • Opt for lighter and simpler regulation, and provide transparency when opting for the fast track procedure; 
  • Respect the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality;
  • Define ambitious objectives for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and develop renewable energy and energy efficiency by 2030; 
  • Increase the Europe for Citizens Programme budget until the symbolic “1 euro per citizen per year”; 
  • Stand for deeper integration and democratic legitimacy for the European Union and initiate a Convention in order to draft a Fundamental Law of the European Union;
  • Support further enlargement of the European Union and mediate deeper implication of all levels of local and regional authorities in the negotiation process; 
  • Support integrated global approaches, particularly in cooperation with partners in the Global South; 

"The local and regional governments manifesto” is available in English, French, Czech, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.
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