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Manifesto for the European elections

European elections 2014 - 27.02.2014

Participate in the “1000 reasons to vote for Europe” launched by the European Movement International
85 days before the elections to the European Parliament, in a context marked by a strong tendency to criticise the European project and to abstain from voting, the European Movement International (EMI) and its member associations offer “1000 reasons to vote for Europe” to the more than 380 million expected voters.

Through this campaign, the EMI intends to encourage citizens from all over Europe to vote and to get actively involved in the construction of a more united and efficient Europe as well as closer to its citizens. By using social media and internet, EMI member associations (such as women or journalists associations) relay messages and images containing their “reasons to vote for Europe”

In order to promote your messages in favour of a local and regional Europe among political decision-makers, we encourage you to stimulate discussions between your citizens by taking part in this initiative. This project will allow you:
  • to benefit from a visual campaign to diffuse your messages encouraging citizens participation in the elections between 22 and 25 May through a local and regional approach;
  • to reach local and regional stakeholders as well as citizens in your respective countries with political arguments presenting the local government involvement in the decision-making process at the European level as well as its impact at the local level;
  • to increase your visibility at the European level through EMI and CEMR communication networks.

As a coordinator of this initiative, the EMI will keep you informed of the evolution of the campaign and of the various ways for you to disseminate messages  (via social media, the diffusion of publications or the website).

To get further information, please contact our policy officer in charge of governance and citizenship, Carlos Mascarell Vilar. The EMI will take care of the design as well as of the layout of the messages.

Participation form

*The European Movement International is an international and non-partisan organisation that has been campaigning, since its creation in 1948, for the establishment of a Europe closer to its citizens and more united. CEMR is a long-standing active member of EMI. Being a European federative organisation of local and regional governments, it is invited, as well as its member associations, to relay this campaign.
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