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Governance and citizenship

​Better Regulation - 14.07.2015

CEMR declaration: “Better law-making needs local input!”
The European Commission’s Better Regulation proposals are a key step forward for improving the effectiveness of its decision making. With its focus on improved impact assessments, consultations throughout the policy cycle and suggestions for how EU decision-making processes can be made more predictable, thorough and transparent, local authorities stand to gain substantially from this package. 

In recognition of these major proposals, CEMR’s Policy Committee adopted a declaration during its meeting on 26 June in Munich. 

Although CEMR’s politicians broadly view the Commission’s proposals with satisfaction, there is still work to be done by the EU’s decision-makers to ensure this key set of proposals can truly achieve their aims and respect the principle of “partnership” and multi-level governance. Local government will continue to assert its place in future EU law making. 
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