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Crisis and decentralisation

​Decentralisation - 05.11.2015

The current “territorial reform is a first step towards greater decentralisation in England”
The UK Government is currently carrying out a territorial reform, the so-called Devolution Bill, consisting on allocating powers from national to local governments to bring more economic benefits on the ground.

We see this process as an opportunity to deliver services in a more flexible, closer, transparent and effective manner to citizens, tailored to their needs and expectations,” said CEMR President, Annemarie Jorritsma, during a seminar organised on this initiative by our British association (LGA) on 5 November.

It is very good news that the UK Government gave flexibility enough for local governments to to come forward with strong proposals to manage the competences transferred. However, it is crucial that “the devolution process needs to be accompanied also by political accountability and the necessary resources.”

The seminar was organised in London to debate the different devolution proposals in England as well a territorial decentralisation reforms that are taken place in European countries.

You can read the full speech of CEMR President.

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