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UCLG - 26.03.2016

Participate in the international award of culture and sustainable development
Does your city understand culture as a mean to promote social inclusion, create jobs or to strength the identification of citizens with their city? Then you should participate in the second edition of the international award of culture and sustainable development.

The competition is an initiative of our global organisation, UCLG, and Mexico City. It aims to reward cities, towns and regions that actively contribute to link the values of culture (like heritage, diversity, creativity and transmission of knowledge) with democratic governance, citizen participation and sustainable development, based on the principles of the Agenda21 for Culture.

The winning program will receive 50 000 euros for the international promotion of the project and to strengthen the local implementation of Agenda 21 for culture. The winning city will be presented with a trophy produced by an artist from Mexico City, accompanied by a recognition signed by the Head of Government of Mexico City and by the President of UCLG.

How to participate?
Should your city, town or region want to participate, send the application form by 15 March 2016.


Martin Revault
Attaché to the Secretary General

Email :
Tel : +32 2 500 05 30
Skype : martin.revault_2
What is the Agenda 21 for Culture all about?

The Agenda 21 for Culture is the first international document that recognises and promotes culture as a driver of sustainable development of cities. It was initiated by the Committee on Culture of UCLG.

Today, about 600 cities and organisations support this initiative.
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