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Covenant of Mayors

New Covenant of Mayors - 25.07.2016

European Commission's "Low-emission mobility strategy" goes through cities
In its recently published climate and energy summer package, the Commission highlights the key role of cities - and more particularly the cities committed to the Covenant of Mayors - in delivering a low-emission mobility strategy for Europe.

The low-emission mobility strategy constitutes a framework for the Commission’s initiatives in the field of mobility for the coming years. The strategy is anchored to three pillars: increasing the efficiency of the transport system, speeding up the deployment of low-emission alternative energy for transport (electricity, hydrogen etc.) and moving towards zero-emission vehicles.

The delivery of this strategy will very much depend on cities and local authorities and cities are already at the forefront in the shift to low-emission mobility”, Commission states. It recognises the ambitious targets many European cities set themselves to contribute to implementing the Paris Agreement, and vows to further support them by facilitating “the exchange of best-practices and the deployment of new technologies at the local level through initiatives like the Covenant of Mayors”.

Transport is a key sector in Covenant cities’ local action plans (SEAPs and SECAPs), and many signatories are undertaking ambitious measures to reduce the GHG emissions of their private and public transport. Visit the online catalogue of signatories' Benchmarks of Excellence with over 300 best practices related to transport.

It is clear then that the Commission’s low-emission mobility strategy goes through (Covenant) cities! 

Read the Low-emission Mobility Strategy

This article was originally published on the Covenant of Mayors website: Covenant of Mayors.
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