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Climate and energy transition

Energy transition - 07.06.2019

German cities demand stronger climate action
Climate change affects everybody, and local and regional governments play an essential role in the climate transition. That being said, they need the support from their national governments to take effective action. 

The German association of cities (Deutscher Städtetag), a CEMR member, has called upon the German government to take bold climate action. According to the Städtetag, a complete turnaround in transport policy is required. The association thinks that a national tax on CO2 emissions could be an effective measure.

What's more, the 3,400 cities and municipalities represented by the German association want the government to provide about € 20 billion to support the climate transition at local level. With this support, they plan to promote the extension of public transport and the construction of bike-friendly areas. 

Together, German cities and municipalities are taking the lead in sustainable mobility. They are making a local shift!
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