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Equality of women and men in local life

Gender Equality - 20.08.2021

Afghanistan: ‘We cannot only sit and watch as human rights violations are taking place’
Reacting to the situation in Afghanistan as Taliban took control of the country, CEMR’s spokesperson on gender equality, Silvia Baraldi, urges the international community and the EU to use all tools at their disposal to prevent Afghanistan becoming a jail for women.
"The worrying news that reaches us in these hours from Afghanistan must push us to a profound reflection and to even more incisive action on the urgency of guaranteeing equal opportunities for all", she declared. 
"CEMR has been committed for years to promote initiatives aimed at advancing the issue of gender equality in the municipalities and regions of Europe and beyond. 
Today we cannot remain silent and watch the rights of Afghan women and girls being trampled underfoot, rights so hard-won and ready to crumble before their eyes.  We care about human rights and especially the protection of those most at risk, such as women and children.
The international community and the EU must join forces so that the efforts made in recent years for gender equality are safeguarded, aware that the most advanced societies are those where women have the greatest rights and freedom of expression. Afghanistan is a brutal reminder to all of us: Never take freedom and human rights for granted.
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