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Digital transformation - 13.10.2022

Podgorica delivers 100 websites for local businesses
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly slowed down the growth of many local companies across the world.
By being tech-savvy and present online, companies can cushion the impact on brick-and-mortar businesses and be more resilient in the face of future crises.
That's whyPodgorica, the capital of Montenegro, created the "100 websites project" (, which, as the name suggests is providing 100 free websites for 100 local business.
After checking the applicants' submitted documentation, visuals and data for the website, all websites that met the specified requirements were created by city employees. You can check them out here.
Through this digital platform, Podgorica has provided local businesses free website development, as well as a free domain and hosting for a period of one year.
The city also provided workshops to help businesses learn the basic knowledge needed to maintain their newly made websites. Many websites have since then been updated and supplemented. 
The development environment used allows the parameters to be easily modified to find solutions adapted to other needs. The successes of "" highlights how our communities' local businesses can be digitalised to be fit for the future.      
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