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Energy efficiency

CEMR Energy Network - 08.10.2003

Inaugural meeting of CEMR's Energy network
CEMR's Energy network held its first meeting on 7 October 2003 in Brussels.
CEMR secretary general, Jeremy Smith and EC director Günther Hanreich opened the meeting. A round-table followed on issues such as what should the aims of the network be? What are the main challenges for local authorities in this field? What role for the EU in relation to energy issues at local level...?
Amongst the speakers were Don Lack, from Leicestershire City Council (UK); Willem Koegler, representing the province of Groningen (NL), Frédéric Mabille, Energy director for the Dunkerque urban community (F); Volker Kienzlen, head of energy management, Stuttgart (D) ...
The afternoon was dedicated to the presentation of local initiatives and to the identification on action points.
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