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Srvey "Prices and earnings 20 - 13.02.2007

Survey: Public transports, wages, taxes and social security in EU cities
What are the most expensive cities in Europe? Is a bus ticket cheaper in Stockholm, Vilnius or Prague? Find the answers in the 2006 UBS survey "Prices and earnings 2006".
The survey was conducted in 71 cities throughout the world (35 in Europe) between February and April 2006. It features information and data on public transports, wages, taxes and social security or housing costs.
Oslo, London and Copenhagen are for instance the three most expensive cities in terms of living costs. As far as renting is concerned, London is the most expensive European city by a wide margin, followed by Helsinki, Dublin and Amsterdam.
Public transport is most expensive in Western Europe, North America and Oceania, and cheapest in South America. In Europe, bus, tram and metro fares appear to be the highest in Stockholm, Oslo, Frankfurt and Munich (between 2,7 and 3,7 EUR for a single ticket); the lowest are in Kiev, Vilnius, Riga, Sofia and Bucharest (between 0,2 and 0,3 EUR).
Sources: Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
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