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Diversity and integration

Demographic change - 17.05.2006

CEMR's new publication: The impact of demographic change on local and regional government
The Council of the European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), in collaboration with Dr Beate Hollbach-Grömig and Dipl.-Soz. Jan Trapp of the German Institute of Urban Affairs, has published a study "The impact of demographic change on local and regional government".
The study examines local authorities of different sizes in four countries, namely the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany and Spain. It gives a first impression by documenting and synthesising the challenges facing municipalities and the measures taking in response to demographic changes.
All European countries are facing challenges from demographic change. These fundamental, serious developments have complex consequences for local and regional authorities. The impact of demographic changes will differ from city to city and from region to region. But they influence nearly every sphere of life: labour markets, housing markets, social security systems, infrastructure, urban/spatial planning, education, budgets and finances. Experience with the impact of demographic change has engendered strategies to face these developments in a number of countries and municipalities.
The publication "The impact of demographic change on local and regional government" is available in English.
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