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  • Migration - 13.11.2017

    Migration and its impact on cities
    Take a deep dive into migration and cities with the World Economic Forum’s report exploring the types, causes, and patterns of migration. Find out how it impacts cities and how they can address this challenge.
  • Future of Europe - 26.10.2017

    CEMR debates the future of Europe in Bavaria
    The discussions on the future of Europe belong in all of its regions, not just in the corridors of the institutions. On 24 October, CEMR Executive Director for European Affairs, Angelika Poth-Mögele, brought our position on the future of Europe to the Bavarian Parliament and discussed it with the MPs. They expressed broad support for more involvement of local and regional governments in decision-making at European level.
  • Gender equality - 25.10.2017

    CEMR experts get active for equality
    The members of the CEMR expert group on gender equality got together on Monday, 23 October to exchange on advocacy and knowledge milestones for 2017. It was also the opportunity to discuss CEMR’s 2018 conference on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, as well as to prepare an action plan to follow up on our ten key priorities on gender equality.
  • Mobility - 24.10.2017

    New tool for urban mobility research
    Discover TRIMIS, a new and useful tool for urban mobility research. With TRIMIS, you have access to all EU and national transport research & innovation projects, including their results, which you can use in many ways. TRIMIS was launched by the European Commission.
  • EU Green Week - 23.10.2017

    Be a host during EU Green Week
    The 2018 edition of the EU Green Week will be focusing on the theme of ‘Green Cities for a Greener Future’. You could host the opening or closing ceremony, bringing huge visibility to your town or region and its green achievements. Answer the call by 3 November.
  • Smart cities - 28.09.2017

    Facing tomorrow's urban challenges: welcome to MUNI WORLD 2018
    As cities become smarter, new realities arise: you are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but you also have a large array of new opportunities in your relationships with startups.  At MUNI WORLD 2018, the yearly event on challenges and opportunities facing smart cities, meet the leading experts in cyber-protection and discover the best ways to drive urban joint ventures between municipalities and start-ups.

    This three-day event will take place from 13 to 15 February 2018, in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Urban development - 27.09.2017

    Call for tenders: Experts on sustainable development and housing wanted
    Are you a local or regional government expert? Our global organisation, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), is producing a report analysing the role of local and regional governments in the UN Global Goals (SDGs) and in decent housing.

    UCLG is looking for experts or researchers in Europe to contribute to the report (entitled GOLD V). If you’re interested, please answer the call for tenders by 4 October, 11 am. For more info, please contact
  • Local leaders - 22.09.2017

    Inspirational practices: LGA’s “be a councillor” campaign
    How do you encourage people to become local councillors? The British Local Government Association (LGA) is running the “be a councillor” campaign, inspiring citizens to stand for what they believe in and become local elected representatives.
  • International cooperation - 14.09.2017

    Take part in the European Days of Local Solidarity
    Would your local government or association like to host an event during the two most visible weeks of the year for decentralised cooperation? Join our webinar on 28 September to discover how we can join forces to raise awareness on development cooperation. Please contact our colleague from PLATFORMA, Laia Vinyes Marcé, for more details.


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