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Crisis and decentralisation

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  • Workshop - 30.03.2023

    A workshop for better community resilience in Israel
    The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel will be hosting an international resilience workshop in May 2023. During three days, participants will learn about Israeli concepts and models of emergency preparedness and community resilience.
    Individuals, families, businesses, and institutions that are prepared for tackling disasters are more likely to cope efficiently – and to recover faster. Such training reduces the risks of damage to critical infrastructure, lessens economic losses and softens the emotional impact of the catastrophe on the population.
    Once the steps of immediate emergency response are implemented, it is up to local leadership and the municipality's services to provide and facilitate all the necessary recovery measures. By supporting citizens and the community's institutions, local authorities can help restore and strengthen the community's cohesion.
    To help communities face emergency situations better, the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel will organize an international community resilience workshop in the coastal city of Nahariya (Israel) from 17 to 19 May 2023. During the event, participants will learn about concepts and methods from experts in the fields of welfare, social work, psychology and urban security. The initiative aims to provide participants with helpful Israeli models of preparedness and resilience that have been field-tested in real emergency situations.
    For more information on this initiative, visit the website of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel.
  • Social Services in Europe - 22.06.2016

    “The crisis is not an excuse to reduce local autonomy” states CEMR secretary general
    The economic crisis cannot be used as an excuse to reduce local autonomy and self-government” stated CEMR secretary general Frédéric Vallier at the European Social Services Conference on 20 June in The Hague.

    The secretary general was there to speak about the impact of the financial, economic and social crisis on territorial reforms in Europe. He presented the key conclusions of CEMR’s study on Decentralisation at a crossroads – Territorial reforms in Europe in times of crisis.

    Frédéric Vallier concluded his speech by inviting everyone to come to CEMR’s seminar on the do’s and don’ts for big reforms in local administration in times of crisis, from 30 June to 2 July in Bratislava (Slovakia).
  • Greek referendum - 02.07.2015

    "Our country's place is in Europe," states our Greek association
    Ahead the referendum on 5 July to decide on the latest bailout terms offered by the Greek's creditors, KEDE publishes a resolution (available in English and Greek) calling to pursue negociations with the EU.

    Read CEMR press release "Greece: the future of the country also requires a new territorial deal." 
  • Decentralisation - 11.03.2014

    The proceedings of the conference '1953-1988-2013: Decentralisation at a crossroads' are now available
    This document gathers the interventions of the speakers – CEMR members, MEPs and members of the Council of Europe – who took part to this event jointly organised with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities on 26 November 2013 in Strasbourg. The participants discussed territorial reforms in Europe in times of crisis.

    The proceedings of the conference are available in English and in French.
  • Decentralisation - 27.11.2013

    Decentralisation conference in Strasbourg: new publication and new declaration
    CEMR and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe organised a conference addressing the issue of decentralisation in Strasbourg, France on 26 November 2013.

    The conference, entitled '1953–1988–2013: Decentralisation at a crossroads', was also an opportunity to present CEMR’s new publication, Decentralisation at a crossroads: territorial reforms in Europe in times of crisis. The conference resulted in the signing of a joint declaration between CEMR and the Congress: “Dynamic local democracy, the key to citizen mobilisation.”


    - CEMR's new publication: English, French
    - Joint declaration: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
    - Video interview with CEMR President, Wolfgang Schuster: English
    - Video interview with Deputy Mayor of Bilbao, Ibone Bengoetxea: Spanish

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