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Governance and citizenship

European debate - 19.09.2007

Tomorrow's Europe: a three day citizens'debate on the future of Europe
The think tank Notre Europe is organising, with the support of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), a debate on the future of Europe which will bring together some 400 citizens representative of the population of the EU.
The debate will take place at the European Parliament and the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, from 12 to 14 October 2007.

This deliberative poll® will aim to raise awareness on what Europeans think about Europe's future, and more specifically about the two following topics: economic and social welfare in a world of global competition and the EU's role in the world.
This debate is a vital means of bringing Europe's citizens together across national frontiers, says Jeremy Smith, CEMR Secretary General. It will help political leaders understand what kind of Europe citizens want to be part of. It will also make them become more engaged by the issues.
Imagine a London dentist, a Portuguese fisherman, a Hungarian teacher and some 400 other Europeans sitting in the same room to discuss the future of Europe: What will they have to say to each other, what will they learn from each other?, wonders Henri Monceau co-director of the project?

Our aim is to make European politics more receptive to the informed opinion of EU citizens, via a unique scientific methodology, says Stephen Boucher, co director of the project. Our democracies are challenged by the economy and by globalization; only innovation can help. The future of the European public sphere will be decided not only at EU level, but also at national and local level.

Basic information
Structured around a survey of a scientific sample of any population before and after it has deliberated, the deliberative poll® aims to tell what conclusions people would reach, if they had the opportunity to get together, to gain balanced information, and to become more involved in the issues.

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