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Global goals - 05.10.2015

Reaching UN global goals from the ground-up
The crowds have gone, conference rooms are empty: the curtain has fallen on the UN summit on the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And now starts the really hard part, thankless: paving the road to reach them by 2030, painstakingly, not even brick by brick, rather pebble by pebble. And across the world.

For the first time ever the UN and the international community in general have irrevocably recognised the key role of our towns and regions in development, not just through goals 11 and 16, but spanning the whole range of those goals. Yet, this should not be newsworthy at all.

Indeed, the journey to achieving to the post-2015 development goals started many, many years ago, in various locations across the world. It started in the Swedish town of Helsingborg and its Indonesian counterpart of Probolinggo; it sprouted in the French Rhônes-Alpes and the Ho Chi Minh province in Vietnam; it was conceived in Leicester (UK) and Gujarat (India), In Florence (Italy) and Thiès (Senegal)… Hundreds, thousands of examples of towns and regions from every continent working at their level, one on one, away from the limelight, for a better, fairer world. Partnerships for health, the environment, climate adaptation, gender equality, local infrastructures have been blossoming between Europe and Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Far East long before the UN Sustainable Development summit. Each of them helping us reach those goals even before they were adopted.

“All SDGs are local”. That was the title of statement of the world’s representatives of towns and regions gathered in New York on 27 September. A statement in which we felt the need to stress that cities and territories are where women and men, girls and boys live, where poverty and inequalities are tackled, where health and education services are provided… With this, we call for all local governments to be empowered, have the means and capacity to improve administration as well as to plan and implement solutions; simply because every single SDG addresses problems that are local, and because the real target is for all the SDGs to be reached in every single town and city in the world.

The full article is available on PLATFORMA's website.
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