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  • MFF - 18.03.2016

    CEMR advocates strengthening territorial dimension in the CoR’s consultation
    On 16 March, CEMR attended the European Committee of Regions’ (CoR) stakeholder consultation of the mid-term revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF).

    On behalf of CEMR, our Executive Director of European Affairs, Angelika Poth-Mögele, stressed that in order to strengthen the territorial dimension in the MFF review, the CoR’s opinion paper should:
    • Address the issue of the rules of the stability and growth pact and their impact which leads to decreasing local public investments;
    • Make reference to better regulation to advocate for participation of local and regional governments and the CoR;
    • Consider the EU Urban Agenda as a good model to better involve local governments.
  • ​Quality of life in cities - 29.02.2016

    EU Commission’s survey sheds light on people's satisfaction of their city
    Early 2015, EU Commission published its fifth survey on the “Perception of Quality of Life in European Cities”. The report shows how satisfied people are with various aspects of urban life like employment, migrants, public transports or pollution. 
    The survey results show that generally Europeans are very satisfied with regard to the cities where they live. It also reveals what areas deserve especial attention in some cities, such as health services, unemployment and education.
  • ​Better regulation - 12.02.2016

    EU Commission wants to hear your views
    How would you make EU legislation more efficiency? How would you reduce formalities to participate in a public consultation? The Commission invites citizens, businesses, local authorities, NGOs, etc. to share their views on how to make EU laws more effective and efficient. 

    In order to collect the view of all interested stakeholders, the Commission launched an online platform.
  • ​EU Presidency - 07.01.2016

    What does the Netherlands want to achieve during its EU Presidency?
    Since the first January 2016, the Netherlands helds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Among their objectives, there are a set of priorities in which CEMR is actively involved:
    • Migration 
    • Climate & energy 
    • Innovation & job creation
    • Finances

    Further information is available on the EU Presidency’s website.
  • Refugee migration - 22.12.2015

    What is the impact on local governments?
    What are the implications of the ongoing refugee migration for European regions and cities? Find the answers in ESPON policy brief "Territorial and urban aspects of migration and refugee inflow", and to which CEMR contributed.

    Along the same line, ESPON held a two-day seminar early December on “A world without borders – Refugees, cooperation and territories”.
  • ​Portugal - 25.11.2015

    CEMR former executive president takes office as prime minister
    Following general elections on 4 October, CEMR former executive president, António Costa, was appointed prime minister of Portugal.

    Mr Costa was mayor of Lisbon for three terms since 2007. He is now tasked with forming a government.

    More information: Euronews

  • Entrepreneurial region award - 24.11.2015

    Win the label "Entrepreneurial region of the year"

    The European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) rewards EU regions which show an innovative entrepreneurial policy strategy, irrespective of their size, wealth and competences. The awarded regions will be granted the label "European Entrepreneurial Region" for a specific year.

    You can send your application until 18 March 2016.

  • ​Citizenship - 12.11.2015

    EU Commission launches a public consultation on EU citizenship
    The Commission wants to know about any obstacles that citizens might be facing in their daily lives as European citizens living, studying, working, shopping or simply travelling within the EU. The Commission wants to hear about potential solutions to remove these obstacles.

    Local and regional governments are invited to take part in this public consultation. The deadline to participate is 7 December 2015.
  • ​ Migration - 03.11.2015

    A report about cities and migration
    We live in a world which is becoming increasingly urban, where more and more people are moving to cities: nearly one in five of the world foreign-born population resides in established global gateway cities. Such fast rate of rising migration to cities brings with it both risks and opportunities for the migrants, local communities and governments concerned.

    The International Organisation for Migrations (IOM) publishes a report highlighting the role of towns when dealing with migration, as well as the urban dimension of mobility.


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