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  • LGA annual conference - 28.06.2016

    Only one week to go until LGA conference 2016!
    Our English association (LGA) will be hosting its annual conference from 5 to 7 July in Bournemouth.

    The conference will gather over 1,000 local government players to discuss key issues such as finance, housing, devolution, health and social care.

    Should you want to attend, you can register by clicking here.

    Join the discussions on twitter with the official hashtag: #LGAConf16
  • Local elections - 21.06.2016

    Second round of local elections in Italy
    The second round of the Italian local elections took place on Sunday 19 June.

    Here are the results for some of the major Italian cities:

    Rome: Virginia Raggi (M5S) won 67% of the vote

    Naples: Luigi di Magistris (left-wing independent) won 67% of the vote

    Milan: Giuseppe Sala (PD) won 52% of the vote

    Turin: Chiara Appendino (M5S) won 54% of the vote
  • Local elections - 06.06.2016

    Bucharest (Romania) elects its first woman mayor
    On Sunday 5 June, local elections took place in Romania. The Social Democrats (PSD) won the most votes: between 39% and 44% according to the latest results.

    The new mayor of Bucharest is Gabriela Firea (PSD), who won 43.56% of the vote. She is the first woman to ever be elected as mayor of the Romanian capital.
  • Local elections - 06.06.2016

    First round of local elections in Italy
    The first round of the Italian local elections took place on Sunday 5 June in about 1,300 Italian towns and cities.

    The results are out for some of the major Italian cities:

    Rome: Virginia Raggi (5 Star Movement) is leading with 35.4%

    Naples: Luigi di Magistris (left-wing independent) is in the lead with 42.4% of the vote

    Milan: Giuseppe Sala (PD) has 41.6%

    Turin: Piero Fassino (PD) has won the first round with 41,2% of the vote.

    The second round will take place on 19 June.
  • ​Civil service - 12.05.2016

    Launch of an online platform to promote international mobility
    Are you a territorial civil servant? Have you ever dreamt about participating in a mobility programme either in Europe or abroad?

    If your answer is yes, then there is a new website available for you. Launched by the National Institute for Territorial Studies in France, the online platform gathers news, articles, videos and further visual material explaining the different possibilities as well as the assets of international mobility. 

    The online platform is only available in French.
  • Emperor Maximilian prize - 11.05.2016

    Emperor Maximilian prize awarded to Anders Knape
    This year, the Emperor-Maximilian-Prize 2016 winner is Mr Anders Knape, Committee of the Regions Vice-President, President of the Chamber of Local Authorities of the Congress of the Council of Europe, Vice-President of SALAR and CEMR Executive President.
    For any further information, please contact Ms Cornelia Koessler:
  • Local elections - 09.05.2016

    Mayoral elections in London
    On Thursday 5 May, the 2016 London mayoral election took place. The election was won by the Labour candidate, Sadiq Khan, with 56.9% of the votes in the second round.

    The next elections will be held in 2020.
  • MFF - 18.03.2016

    CEMR advocates strengthening territorial dimension in the CoR’s consultation
    On 16 March, CEMR attended the European Committee of Regions’ (CoR) stakeholder consultation of the mid-term revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF).

    On behalf of CEMR, our Executive Director of European Affairs, Angelika Poth-Mögele, stressed that in order to strengthen the territorial dimension in the MFF review, the CoR’s opinion paper should:
    • Address the issue of the rules of the stability and growth pact and their impact which leads to decreasing local public investments;
    • Make reference to better regulation to advocate for participation of local and regional governments and the CoR;
    • Consider the EU Urban Agenda as a good model to better involve local governments.
  • ​Quality of life in cities - 29.02.2016

    EU Commission’s survey sheds light on people's satisfaction of their city
    Early 2015, EU Commission published its fifth survey on the “Perception of Quality of Life in European Cities”. The report shows how satisfied people are with various aspects of urban life like employment, migrants, public transports or pollution. 
    The survey results show that generally Europeans are very satisfied with regard to the cities where they live. It also reveals what areas deserve especial attention in some cities, such as health services, unemployment and education.
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