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  • Social affairs - 01.10.2015

    “Tackling social challenges is a collective responsibility between the EU and social partners, including local government,” EU Commissioner for employment
    We have good policies and good frameworks at the EU level, but we regret their poor implementation. Involving social partners, including local and regional governments, would foster the implementation process and yield concrete improvements in our citizens’ life,” said European Commissioner in charge of employment and social affairs, during a meeting with civil society organisations on 01 October.
    One year after entering office, Commissioner Thyssen invited CEMR (as social partner representing local government as employers) and relevant civil society organisations to jointly assess the work accomplished in the area of employment and social affairs: equality, social services provision or the refugee crisis. This was the first of a series of annual meetings that the Commissioner will organise with the civil society, for them to contribute to the European social priorities.
  • Youth unemployment - 02.06.2015

    A seminar on how to get young people into work
    Our Welsh association (WLGA) invites you to a seminar, on 25 June 2015, on "Getting Young People into Work: Comparative approaches in the EU and beyond".

    The event, to be chaired by MEP Derek Vaughan, will showcase practical examples of initiatives from Wales, Flanders and Sweden on how to support young people in their job search.

    Participation is free. Pre-registration is however required and can be completed by e-mailing

    Twitter accounts

    @Derek Vaughan
    @Marianne Thyssen
  • Social dialogue - 26.05.2015

    Follow-up meeting of the Summit "A new start for social dialogue"
    On 22 May, CEMR members exchanged with their counterparts from the European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU) on the follow-up of the Summit “A new start for social dialogue”, organised on 5 March by the European Commission. The Summit marked the beginning of a renewed partnership with between the social partners and the European institutions.

    Part of the follow-up meeting was also devoted to the implementation of the EPSU-CEMR joint research project entitled “New forms of service delivery for municipalities, the contribution of social dialogue and good practice for well-being at work”. It took place in the framework of the Social dialogue committee on local and regional governments.
  • Public services - 20.03.2014

    ​Youth unemployment remains a high priority for public services employers
    We have reiterated our commitment with youth employment by addressing some recommendations to European policy-makers, gathered at the Tripartite Social Summit, on 20 March 2014. 

    This meeting aims at detecting the main policy directions, for instance, on employment to be followed by the EU member states. Together with the Public Services Employers’ Forum (PSEF) we have highlighted the need to fight against youth unemployment by promoting job openings for younger generations or flexible working options.

    Read the joint press release and declaration of PSEF. 
  • Public Procurement - 08.11.2013

    New position paper on electronic invoicing in public procurement
    CEMR has issued a position paper in response to the European Commission’s proposal for a directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement. It argues that a testing phase and capacity-building are key for an effective acceptance of e-invoicing by public authorities.

    The paper is available in English.
  • Youth employment - 17.10.2013

    CEMR publishes joint statement with European Federation of Public Services on the European Framework of Action on Youth Employment
    In this joint statement with EPSU, we support the recently adopted Framework of Action on Youth Employment and welcome such a Framework in light of the ever increasing unemployment rate of young people across Europe. We call upon the Council to seek to introduce measures that public sector employers might deploy to increase the number of quality, secure jobs available to young workers in the public sector where the promotion of such entry is needed.The full statement is available in English.
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