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News in brief

  • EU Green Capital - 20.10.2022

    Which cities will be the European Green Capital 2024?
    Which cities will be the European Green Capital and the European Green Leaf 2024? Discover the winners at the Awards Ceremony on 27 October, hosted by the City of Grenoble. 

    The European Commission's (European) Green Capital Award, recognises and rewards local efforts to improve the environment, and thereby the economy and the quality of life in cities. The Award is given each year to a city, which is leading the way in environmentally friendly urban living. The Award encourages cities to commit to ambitious goals for further environmental improvement.
  • UCLG - 19.10.2022

    ​​UCLG Congress adopts the 'Pact for the Future'
    Mayors, local and regional leaders from across Europe have adopted the 'Pact for the Future', a key strategic document defining UCLG's priorities from 2022 to 2028. 

    The visions and aspirations reflected in the Pact will be shaped into actionable commitments throughout 2023 and serve as the strategic vision for the World Organisation in the coming years. Motions presented by all members will further deepen the policy visions and serve as a reference to the inputs of the whole local and regional governments constituency represented by the Global Taskforce. 

    Three political leaders have been appointed as Ambassadors for the Pact for the Future: Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona as Ambassador for the Future of People; Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris as Ambassador for the Future of Planet; Yücel Yilmaz, Mayor of Balikesir as Ambassador for the Future of Government. 
  • France-Ukraine Solidarity - 19.10.2022

    The France-Ukraine Local Solidarity Forum: Together we are stronger!
    On the 19th October, more than 100 participants took part in the Local Solidarity Forum jointly organised by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), PLATFORMA, Association of French Mayors (AMF) and the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

    Twinning and partnerships between Local and Regional Governments were at the centre of the discussions. Cooperation is the only way for the Ukrainian reconstruction.

    Join un on 28 October, from 09:00 to 12:00 CEST, for the Bridges of Trust Forum to learn more about partnerships between Ukrainian and EU local governments!
  • OECD - 18.10.2022

    Conference to launch the new SNG-WOFI
    The OECD and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) are organising an in-person conference to launch the third edition of their World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment (SNG-WOFI).

    The goal of the Observatory is to increase knowledge, promote dialogue on multi-level governance and subnational finance around the world as well as to monitor the iimplementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

    This 2022 edition includes data from 135 countries, covering almost 90% of the world surface area, 93% of the world population and 94% of global GDP.
    The conference will bring together national and subnational governments, international organisations and stakeholders from around the world involved in this wide-ranging project, to present the key findings of the new edition and to discuss current challenges related to subnational finance and multi-level governance, in light of new data and analysis.

    CEMR's Finance Spokesperson, Flo Clucas, will take part in the Session 3 on : How can subnational government access to external resources be improved to finance infrastructure investment?
    For more information and to register, please fill in this online form. If you have any questions, please contact Leslie Greenhow
  • UCLG - 17.10.2022

    Discover Europe's key appointments to UCLG's new political leadership
    Now that the curtains have just closed on the Congress of United Cities and Local Governments, discover Europe's key appointments to our our global network's new political leadership.

    Jan Van Zanen, UCLG President (Oct.2024/2025), Mayor of  The Hague
    Carlos Martinez Minguez, UCLG Special Envoy for the New Urban Agenda, Mayor of Soria
    Anne Hidalgo, UCLG Ambassador for the Future of the Planet, Mayor of Paris
    Ada Colau, UCLG Ambassador for the Future of People, Mayor of Barcelona
  • GOLD VI report - 12.10.2022

    Toward urban and territorial equality
    The 6th Global Observatory on Local Democracy & Decentralization Report, otherwise known as GOLD VI, has just been launched at UCLG Congress in Daejeon (South Korea)!

    The focus is on the six pathways to urban and territorial equality, addressing inequalities through local transformation strategies.

    Take a look at it here!
  • COP 27 - 04.10.2022

    ​10 key points to prevent the inexorable march toward utter climate disaster
    It’s now or never. We must gear up for climate action and advance the Sustainable Development Goals on the ground. This is the core message that PLAFTORMA and CEMR will bring to the COP27 taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

    In a joint position, PLATFORMA and CEMR put forward 10 key points for delegates and representatives from the UN, the EU and national governments who will sit round the COP27 negotiation table. Among the important points raised in the position are the need for a supportive regulatory and governance framework to implement subnational climate action, and the need for sustainable subnational financing.

    Read the full position.
  • Urban mobility - 29.09.2022

    CEMR to take part in the European Commission Expert Group on Urban Mobility
    Great news! the Council of European Municipalities and Regions is officially part of the European Commission Expert Group on Urban Mobility! CEMR will be represented by the Chair of its expert group on mobility, Caspar Sluiter from the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG).

    This new group will be responsible for several tasks, including assisting the Commission in executing the new EU urban mobility framework, facilitating exchanges of good practices in the field of sustainable urban mobility, and encouraging information exchanges on initiatives, projects, and partnerships on sustainable urban mobility.
  • Paweł Adamowicz Award - 29.09.2022

    Nominations open for Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Award
    Nominate your candidate for the 2022 Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Award honouring the work of persons or organisations who advanced human rights, solidarity, cooperation and trust among citizens. To nominate the next winner of the award, please fill this online nomination form by 31 October 2022
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