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  • #CohesionAlliance - 09.01.2020

    CEMR meets with Commissioner Ferreira
    As a member of the #CohesionAlliance, CEMR participated today in a meeting with Elisa Ferreira, the European commissioner for cohesion and reforms. Carola Gunnarsson, CEMR spokesperson on cohesion policy, stressed at the meeting that cohesion policy must not be subject to conditionalities that cannot be influenced by municipalities and regions.
    Ferreira stated that the Just Transition Mechanism would not be financed from funds coming from cohesion. “We need extra money to address new challenges, cohesion policy should not be sacrificed to accommodate these new challenges,” she said.
  • European Commission - 03.10.2019

    Commissioner-Designate Ferreira talks the talk on local government
    Elisa Ferreira, the commissioner-designate for cohesion policy and reforms, sent positive signals on local and regional government during her confirmation hearing in the European Parliament. Discussing the implementation of cohesion policy, the Portuguese politician assured that consultation with municipalities and regions during the design and delivery of EU funds is necessary for the success of regional projects. You can watch or read the hearing’s proceedings here.
  • Cohesion policy - 13.05.2019

    Discover 25 infrastructure projects funded by cohesion policy
    What is cohesion policy used for, you ask? Discover 25 infrastructure projects funded by cohesion policy across 10 Member states.
  • ​Think Europe - 18.01.2019

    Cohesion policy must ensure the way to meet the UN Global Goals
    "Cohesion Policy has greatly contributed to the development of our cities, villages & regions. Today, it can also ensure that the EU and its local governments meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)." With these words, CEMR secretary General, Frédéric Vallier, introduced a debate on the urban dimension of cohesion policy. 

    The SDGs should be the roadmap to design EU policies. But how can we make the SDGs understandable for citizens and how can they contribute to this type of growth?,” added Mr Vallier.

    The debate took place during the congress “Think Europe – Intermediary cities key for development”, organised by the city of Soria and CEMR Spanish association (FEMP), on 16 to 18 January. Participants included the Mayor of Seville and CEMR spokesperson for climate, Juan Espadas, the Spanish MEP Iratxe García Pérez and the Mayor of Aranjuez and member of CEMR policy committee, Cristina Moreno Moreno.
  • EWRC 2018 - 20.09.2018

    Only one week left to register for the European Week of Regions and Cities
    From Europe’s social future to cohesion policy and the circular economy, CEMR will be playing an active role on many fronts during the Week. Have a look at the many sessions we’re (co)organising, and don’t forget to register! #EURegionsWeek
  • Cohesion policy - 13.07.2018

    Experts concerned about Commission’s proposal to change EU funding
    The European Commission’s proposed changes to EU funding (specifically, ESIF) are raising concerns in Europe’s towns and regions. On 11 July, Europe’s local and regional experts on the issue came together to discuss how the proposal could be changed to answer local needs. One of the main issues is the rigid limitation of freedom concerning the fields in which towns and regions are allowed to invest. Check our website regularly for more information.
  • Regional policy - 20.04.2018

    What impact do EU regional policy investments really have?
    A new library of evaluations carried out by Member States might just give you the answer. It contains a selection of completed evaluations since 2007, which can be browsed by different categories, such as countries, funds or evaluation methods, for instance.
  • Cohesion policy - 12.04.2018

    Future of cohesion policy: Council adopts conclusions
    The Council of the European Union has spoken. On 12 April, it adopted the conclusions on the delivery and implementation of cohesion policy after 2020. A summary is also available.
  • Cohesion policy - 11.04.2018

    Latest update on cohesion dialogues
    No less than 14 cohesion dialogues have now taken place, and the debates around cohesion policy’s benefits are alive and kicking in Europe’s towns and regions. The main outcome of the dialogues so far is that citizens feel the need to maintain cohesion policy, which they see as a forward-looking strategy to create innovation. More information here.
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